Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams just got married at Sunstone Winery

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams just got married at Sunstone Winery

  • Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and single alum Wells Adams just got married at Sunstone Winery in Santa Barbara, California.

  • The couple got engaged in the summer of 2019 while on vacation in Fiji and postponed their plans because of the pandemic.

  • They met on Twitter while Wells was the bartender at Bachelor in Paradise and has been officially dating since November 2017.

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland, 31, and single Former student Wells Adams, 38, has finally gotten married after putting off his wedding plans for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After getting engaged in 2019, Sarah told The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever! presenter Chris Harrison that their wedding plans have been put on hold. “No plans at the moment. We’ve put all the planning on hold,” she said. “Of course with my health risks, we want to be as safe as possible.” Sarah suffers from renal dysplasia, which means she is immunocompromised and is at a higher risk of serious illness if she contracts COVID-19.

When asked if the couple would consider having a Zoom wedding, Wells gave Access Hollywood a resounding “no”. And the two kept their weapons. Now, more than two years later, they’ve finally said “yes”.

Sarah and Wells’ love story is forever. How did they meet and fall in love? Here is the complete timeline of the couple’s relationship since 2017:

August 2017: Sarah and Wells met on social media.

The couple began exchanging flirtatious tweets during Wells’ show as a bartender in Bachelor in Paradise, according to People. But Sarah had been pretty open about her crush on Wells from the second she saw him in the JoJo Fletcher season. the single in 2016.

Of their interaction, Wells told the publication: “The internet – it’s amazing. I’m amazed at how smart the internet is. Because I assume everyone on Twitter is an idiot, and then I’m like, ‘Wow!'”

But the social media flirtation didn’t immediately turn into an IRL relationship. At the time, Wells, host of the your favorite thing podcast with Brandi Cyrus (Miley’s sister), who was living in Nashville, and Sarah, who most notably starred in Modern Family, was in Los Angeles.

Oct 29, 2017: Things got ~serious~ with a couples Halloween costume.

The couple sparked rumors surrounding Halloween when Sarah posted an Instagram of her “couple” costume, based on the Netflix show. Weird stuff (Sarah dressed as Dustin Henderson and Wells was dressed as Eleven).

A month later, in November 2017, they confirmed their romance to E! News.

Check out this video detailing exactly how the cute duo became Instagram official:

January 2018: Sarah told Jimmy Kimmel how she and Wells connected.

Sarah continued Jimmy Kimmel live and shared exactly how their relationship progressed from flirting on Twitter to dating in real life.

The actress shared, “Did you see those ‘Slide Into the DMs’ memes? That’s right. He slithered into my DMs.” The bold move worked. “I was single, obviously, and I was like, ‘This is really amazing. You’re being very bold and you’re sexy and not pushy, but very confident and sexy,’ and I liked that.”

August 2018: Sarah and Wells move in together.

After nearly a year of dating, Wells moved from Nashville to Los Angeles to be with Sarah.

Apparently this was a smart move (see what I did there?). “He’s more anal and cleaner than I am,” Sarah said in an interview shortly after they moved in together. “So it’s great for me.”

December 2018: Wells called Sarah a “real-life” Wonder Woman amid health issues.

Sarah has been super open about her health battles with kidney dysplasia, including multiple surgeries and two separate kidney transplants. Wells has been by her side through everything.

He said US weekly: “Imagine having a vital organ replaced. Imagine having 16 surgeries, going to hundreds of doctor appointments, and taking thousands of pills. Imagine losing weight crazy because of dialysis, medication side effects and stress. So imagine, having to do it all over again. This time keeping you quiet while you recovered, while trolls on the internet judged you on your looks. Oh, and play shooting the funniest show on TV and producing and starring in a movie… and never breaking down. Never lose it. I know Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in the movie, but Sarah is the real-life version.”

July 16, 2019: Wells and Sarah announced their engagement on Instagram.

Maybe inspired by all the love in Bachelor in Paradise, Wells asked the question on the beach while on vacation in Fiji. Both the newlyweds shared the good news on their respective Instagram accounts and, also, their captions couldn’t be cuter.

“This can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the wall, world series type stuff ✨❤️ @wellsadams,” Sarah wrote, referencing a line from the #iconic ’90s movie Take two (starring Mary-Kate and Ashley, in case you’ve forgotten).

Not to be outdone, Wells said, “I’ll be Johnny, you’ll be June. But forever. 🎶- Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors”.

Oct 27, 2019: They had a themed engagement party with all their friends.

Sarah and Wells celebrated their engagement with tacos, tequila and all their famous friends. Insatiable star Debby Ryan, Little liars Chloe Bridges star, various Sarah characters Modern Family co-stars, and many more attended the fancy party.

November 2019: Sarah and Wells traveled to France.

Sarah shared all the adorable photos of Bordeaux and Paris, proving that Wells honed her #Instagramhusband skills during their engagement.

Of course, Wells came out from behind the camera for more hilarious couple photos and even better pranks in the comments. Wells commented, “I’m eating mimosas watching football in the living room right now, come down and have 7 with me.”

March 2020: goals for couples in quarantine

On March 27, Sarah posted a cute video on Instagram with Wells responding tons of questions about your relationship on the viral #coupleschallenge. Fans have discovered that Wells initiated her first kiss and that Sarah is more stubborn.

“The very poor man’s @jlo & @arod 💍,” she captioned the post, an ode to the celebrity couple that inspired Sarah and Wells to make the video as well.

Sarah also used an electric shaver to give Wells a haircut that was documented on the couple’s Instagram Stories, which turned out pretty well, although Sarah had never tried to cut a guy’s hair before.

“She did a really good job,” he said after she was done.

April 2020: Sarah opened up about her love story with Cosmopolitan.

The May 2020 cover star of Cosmos, Sarah shared with the publication more details about how their relationship began. She revealed that they had two dates before she had to undergo her second kidney transplant, but Wells flew from Nashville to Los Angeles to see her on the weekends while she was in recovery, even though her entire family was there. . And she says that a month after dating, they told each other they were falling in love.

“I asked him when he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend,” she said. “I’m impacient.”

August 2020: They postponed their wedding date.

Sarah and Wells were pretty low-key about their original wedding plans, but later shared that they were originally supposed to get married on August 20, 2020. They ended up marking the occasion with an all-white photo shoot.

“A couple, a pandemic and a postponed wedding: a series. We were supposed to get married today,” Sarah wrote in an Instagram post. “Instead… we took pictures and drank wine. I love you to Pluto and back.”

“It was my first time out of my house in quarantine, and we went to a winery and went with all of our friends – we all got tested – our family, our best man, bridesmaid,” Sarah said in a statement. The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2020 by People. “I brought a white dress and veil that I picked up on Etsy and my bridesmaids received a royal wedding bouquet and surprised me and we took fake wedding photos for fun!”

August 2021: They postponed their wedding date again.

Wells later told We Weekly that her second wedding date in August 2021 has been postponed again.Wedding update – nothing!” he said. “We’ve had this thing postponed twice, and honestly, I don’t know if I can get a third. So just pray for us, please.”

October 2021: They celebrated four years together.

Sarah marked her special four-year anniversary with a sweet tribute post.

“Four years of love, travel, laughter and trust. You are my world and beyond,” she wrote in the caption. “One day we’re getting married…and I can’t wait for that day. But for now… posing with canned seltzers is more than enough 😂.”

She continued, “I am so grateful to be able to call him my life partner and best friend. I love you +1 anything you say @wellsadams I’m the luckiest ❤️ *Ben Folds suggestion*.”

June 2022: Sarah made her bridal shower.

Sarah shared on Instagram that she was so excited to have finally reached this milestone on her way down the aisle: “So I finally had my bridal shower yesterday!” Hyland shared through her Instagram story, by We Weekly.

She left some photos on her IG Stories from the event, including some of Vanessa Hudgens and singer GG Magre. “They are iconic,” she wrote in a group photo.

July 2022: Sarah had an epic bachelorette party.

Sarah had a bachelorette party that looked amazing. She left pictures on Instagram of herself and her friends having fun.

“My dream single trip 💕,” she said. “I love these humans with all my heart and feel so much gratitude for the space we have for each other. You are all MAGIC ✨.”

Of course, Wells also had a bachelor party around the same time:

August 2022: They finally got married.

Sarah and Wells finally tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony on Aug. 20 at Sunstone Winery near Santa Barbara, California, a source said. People.

Famous friends who got an invite included Sarah’s Modern Family co-stars Nolan Gould, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, onscreen sister Ariel Winter and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. While wedding details are scarce, Sofía blessed the internet by sharing some snapshots of the event on Instagram.

Last month, Sarah told People she was “so excited to be able to — on paper, officially — start our family.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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