Meet the Young Winners of the 2022 US Mullet Championship

Meet the Young Winners of the 2022 US Mullet Championship

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The winners of the 2022 U.S. Mullet Championship Children and Teen Division, from left, are Emmitt Bailey, 8, and Cayden Kershaw, 18, both of Wisconsin. (Photos: Courtesy of the US Mullet Championship)

Votes are for the best mullet in the country.

After garnering tens of thousands of votes over the weekend for its teen and kids division, the US Mullet Championship awarded its top trophies to 8-year-old Emmitt Bailey and 18-year-old Cayden Kershaw, both from Wisconsin.

“It’s great,” says Kershaw, a high school student and captain of his school’s football team. “The amount of support I got from friends, family and people all over the world was great.”

Second and third place in the teen division went to Fisher Monds of Florida and Max Weihbrecht of Wisconsin, respectively. Second place in the children’s division went to Epic Orta of Texas, with third to William Dale Ramsey of Ohio.

Photo: US Mullet Championship

Photo: US Mullet Championship

Kershaw started growing his mullet three years ago and has since received “a lot of praise” for his style, he says. “I’m kind of proud of that.”

Another thing he’s proud of is being able to donate his $1,000 prize to the local charity Peyton’s Promise, providing fresh food to organizations that help fight hunger across the state. He says his years of playing football inspired him to use his platform to help spread good.

“It really makes me want to move forward, because leadership is a very important part [of my life]especially in football,” he says. “Being able to lead guys when things go wrong and all that, it directly correlates to life in general.”

Photo: US Mullet Championship

Photo: US Mullet Championship

Meanwhile, 8-year-old Bailey, who has been rocking her mullet for nearly two years, is thrilled to be awarded for her ‘doing’.

“It’s amazing!” the third grader tells Yahoo Life while talking on the phone with his mother, making it clear that he is very excited to go back to school and tell his friends that he is a winner.

Dreaming of being a professional racing driver, Bailey, whose favorite part of school is recess, has two simple pieces of advice for becoming a winner: “Hold on” and “Be yourself.”

Kershaw, who dreams of playing college football, adds his own sentiment: “You only live once,” he says.

Created in early 2020 by Kevin Begola, owner of Michigan-based Bridge Street Exchange menswear store, the US Mullet Championship has become a favorite among mullet enthusiasts.

Initially starting as a local in-store contest called the Michigan Mudflap, to crown the best men’s mullet in town, the contest has since expanded to include the current children’s and teen divisions, as well as a women’s competition (registration for which will be announced in brief), all of which have gained popularity in the last two years.

For Begola and the pageant’s dedicated fans, the mullet is more than just a hairstyle – it’s a mode of expression. “There’s a whole mantra of: It’s not just a haircut, it’s a lifestyle. And I really believe in that,” he told Yahoo Life earlier this month. “The last two years have been quite stressful for people. [The competition] it’s a way to have fun. Most people you meet with mullets have a good personality and don’t take life too seriously.”

Applications for the men’s mullet division are open until August 31. Entrants must be at least 19 years of age and pay a $10 entry fee – half of the proceeds will be donated to Maggie’s Wigs for Kids, a Michigan-based nonprofit that helps children in need of a wig because of cancer treatments or other conditions that cause temporary or long-term hair loss.

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