LIV Golf’s Greg Norman Teases PGA Tour After 0 Million Prize Pool

LIV Golf’s Greg Norman Teases PGA Tour After $100 Million Prize Pool

LIV Golf's Greg Norman teases PGA Tour after $100 million prize injection - SHUTTERSTOCK

LIV Golf’s Greg Norman teases PGA Tour after $100 million prize injection – SHUTTERSTOCK

LIV Golf teased the PGA Tour after the US circuit responded to the threat from the Saudi rebel series by pumping another $100 million in player bounties and awarding pros ‘guaranteed money’ – two accusations frequently leveled against Greg Norman’s company since your game changer. release two months ago.

Jay Monahan, the commissioner of the PGA Tour, was not embarrassed on Wednesday to announce that he is apparently imitating the model of the LIV, the breakaway league with its eye-watering bonuses and big starting numbers.

And after Greg Norman, the chief executive of LIV, fired in a social media post that Monahan had “stolen my homework”, an official statement was equally scathing.

“LIV Golf is clearly the best thing that has ever happened to help the careers of professional golfers,” he said.

In fairness, Monahan had little choice but to use the reverse ferret after a crisis meeting of top players last week, led by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, concluded that to stem the existential danger, the Tour must utilize its reserves of money to ensure the best golfers face off more often – and dramatically increase your reward for doing so.

Monahan only received the proposals on Thursday, but acted with remarkable haste on his review, promising four more ‘elevated events’ with prize money of “at least $20 million” for the previous announcement of eight.

He also doubled the controversial ‘Player Impact Program’ to $100 million for the 20 golfers who resonate the most with fans.

This was an extremely significant day with the likes of McIlroy pledging to compete in all 12 tournaments alongside the majors, the Players Championship and three more events of their choosing.

There will also be a guaranteed minimum of $500,000 for every player who completes at least 15 tournaments in a year – regardless of their results.

Having already announced in June that eight tournaments are moving towards the $20 million mark – the LIV events offer $25 million – this latest push brings the additional annual value committed to the Tour to around $200 million.

That response – promised by Monahan in two months – is impressive, but considering the impending announcements from LIV, it’s also undoubtedly necessary to try to stem the flood.

Telegraph Sport exclusively revealed earlier this month that Open champion Cameron Smith is among those to be featured on Monday – the day after the PGA Tour’s Tour Championship concludes – in a deal worth more than US$ 100 million.

PGA Tour hit back at LIV rebels with $100 million prize review - SHUTTERSTOCK

PGA Tour hit back at LIV rebels with $100 million prize review – SHUTTERSTOCK

That defection heightened tensions in the locker room, with McIlroy admitting he called the Australian two days later. “First, I wanted to congratulate you,” McIlroy said after placing third at St Andrews. “Guys who are thinking one way or another, honestly, I don’t care if they leave or not – it’s not going to make a difference to me.

“But I would at least like people to make a fully informed decision and basically know that this is what is coming. That’s what you might be leaving behind.”

Smith jumping off the ship and rumors of others lining up on the docks led to Woods’ arrival last week at the BMW Championship in Delaware for emergency conversations with other players.

Monahan described the superstars’ subsequent commitment to playing 20 events – five more than the previous minimum – as “unprecedented” and stressed that there would be no immediate payback for players who have already won the Saudi shilling, in the Kingdom’s $2 billion. . revolution.

Asked if he would consider dropping the suspensions, Monahan said: “No, they’ve joined the LIV Golf Series and made that commitment. Each player has a choice. They sued us.”

In yet another temptation for smaller players, Monahan has drafted a $5,000 grant for travel and tournament-related expenses for lower-status players who miss the cut.

McIlroy also confirmed details of his joint venture with Woods, which will see six three-man teams compete in a “high-tech golf league” over 15 Monday nights, starting in January 2024. The 18-hole competitions will take just two hours. to complete. An artifice, an irrelevance, but profitable and totally in keeping with the narrative.

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