‘La noche de los cazadores’ and the traspié that TVE can allow

‘La noche de los cazadores’ and the traspié that TVE can allow

El verano is leaving a very poor audience for all the cadenas. There are some in them that have jumped there alarms, like Telecinco, that there is not to be there but to be seen in none of the journey that we took from the real month of August. But in La 1 de TVE la cosa no va mucho better, you could have seen how programs that at first worked medio bien se han hundido de lo lindo, as is the case of La night of the hunters, that emit the moons. However, in this specific case, it is necessary to value the quality of the program and the public service that is expected from Radio Televisión Española above the numbers.

La noche de los hunters is a program derived from El Caçador, which is broadcast every afternoon on La 1. In el, los contestants do not face exclusively a hunter, es decir, a wise expert in televisión contests, but for the whole team. So, we can see David Leo ‘El estudiante’, Erundino Alonso ‘El justiciero’, Ruth de Andrés ‘La gobernanta’, Paz Herrera ‘La profesora’ and Lilit Manukyan, ‘La espía’, putting in trouble with their knowledge to those who aspire to take home a good amount of money. Each bidder must face, at least, the one from ellos, something that is nothing less.

The first season, which was the last month of energy and which was presented by Aramendi ion promoted 1,057,000 followers with an 8.3%. A discrete data, but that is enough to be renewed. The second edition of La night of the huntersnow with Rodrigo Vázquez as conductor of ceremonies, llegó to our pantallas this August 1st, on the night of the moon. Since the cadenas did not hold strong during this holiday period, La noche de los cazadores could have functioned as a cuestión de audiencias, maintaining at least the media from its first edition. But it couldn’t be.

Rodrigo Vázquez, presenter of 'La noche de los cazadores' (RTVE)

Rodrigo Vázquez, presenter of ‘La noche de los cazadores’ (RTVE)

On the night of Aug. 1, it secured 724,000 media viewers and the 7.1% screen share, which rose to a 7.6% with 716,000 in the second week. The last broadcast, scheduled for the national festival on August 15th, had a share of 7.6 points, but with 681,000 followers, and anoche returned to the top with a 7.6%, now rising to 753,000 followers, which represents his most seen delivery of the entire season.

The data are worse than in the first season, yes, but they are not in dissonance with what is achieving the cadena; Currently, La 1 has an average of 7.7 percentage points, and the program roza los 7.5. In fact, this little tropiezo should not be considered facing a future renovation, pues la cadena necesita La noche de los cazadores. Nowadays, TVE has in its main channel many entertainment brands that are potent, y no deberian neglect this part of the universe of El Hunter.

As a channel that we all pay for, the public service must take precedence over everything else. Y La noche de los cazadores is an example of quality television, bien hecha; maybe I could receive more promotion, by the way. But you must continue betting on this contest.

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in addition, Rodrigo Vázquez has enormous potential as an entertainment presenter. The role he played to replace Ion Aramendi was far from trivial, because Vasco created the program with his comic vision and his innate ability to communicate. Without embargo, Rodrigo has plenty of work to do, without trying to imitate what worked and giving his personal touch to each question, creating an interesting fresh air on the channel.

For all this and much more, La night of the hunters should come back in the future; that this new season was a small traspié and something that TVE can allow, and what is included can be recovered. Forget the sign that you can enter the grill, get away from it by promoting your own spaces like other cadenas, getting the public to connect with this format with the intensity it deserves. yes El Caçador there’s afternoon your holeco en las, La night of the hunters if it deserves the same in the stellar time of television.

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