Is Beverley signing with the Lakers a sign that Westbrook will be out of the roster?

Is Beverley signing with the Lakers a sign that Westbrook will be out of the roster?

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Lakers

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Lakers

Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook have a beef that goes back nearly a decade, all the way back to the first round of the 2013 playoffs, when Beverley stole the ball, hit Westbrook’s knee, and tore his meniscus (all but ending one of the most promising seasons in the world). Thunder). The animosity between the two has continued over the years, with Westbrook doing his “rock the baby” in Beverley whenever he gets the chance, and Westbrook saying in 2019, “Pat Bev fools you man, like he’s playing defense . He doesn’t protect anyone, man. He’s just running around, doing nothing.” Beverley replied.

On Thursday, Westbrook and Beverley are teammates after the Lakers traded for Beverley.

Can two players driven by emotion put aside their long-standing beef to be teammates?

Or is this a sign that the Lakers are close to trading Westbrook before training begins? The Athletic’s Jovan Buha says a source told him this is the case.

Beverley’s arrival makes it more likely that Westbrook will be out of the active roster at the start of training camp, whether through a trade or the team sending him home like the Rockets with John Wall last season, according to a source close to the game. the situation.

LeBron may have hinted at this too.

The question is not, ‘Do the Lakers want to trade Westbrook?’ GM Rob Pelinka has tried since the February exchange deadline to find a deal that works, it’s just hard with Westbrook owing $47 million. Pelinka had been looking for a Westbrook trade all offseason but couldn’t find a deal to his liking, in part because he would have had to give up both of the Lakers’ tradable first-round picks (2027 and 2029) to make the most of those deals. Los Angeles was hesitant to put the two picks in any trades (except Kyrie Irving). Also, the Lakers are carefully trying not to accept a long-term salary, they want the money to chase free agents next summer (they could have a little over $30 million as of now).

The market isn’t going to change all of a sudden, so it would be up to the Lakers to change to strike a deal (and those choices alone may not be enough). For example, would the Lakers make both picks in a trade with Indiana to get Myles Turner and Buddy Hield? The buzz has been negative, although Indiana is demanding it, because such a trade still wouldn’t move the Lakers to rival status.

It’s hard to imagine Westbrook reacting well to a Wall-like situation – not playing and staying away from the team.

Which means Westbrook and Beverley might have to figure out how to get along, at least for a while. The trade market may have changed by the trade deadline (and until then teams would only have to pay less than half a season of Westbrook’s salary, a more palatable number). But for now, the Lakers don’t have good options, and a lineup for Westbrook and Beverley as point guard could be in the Lakers’ near-term future.

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