Deebo Samuel tops big names to avoid in drafts

Deebo Samuel tops big names to avoid in drafts

The Yahoo Fantasy Football team is identifying the specific players in each position that they are losing this draft season. It could be for any number of reasons: they are not high for the player, the draft cost is too high, or a situation is set for disappointment. Then wide receivers Andy, Matt, Scott and Dalton are avoiding.

Don’t expect Deebo to repeat the success of 2021

Dalton DelDon: Deebo Samuel is being drafted as one of the top five fantasy receivers, despite not being in the top 50 for routes traveled or top 25 for goals last season. And his role in the passing game this year remains a question mark with San Francisco turning to Trey Lancewho worked exclusively with Brandon Aiyuk all summer, while Samuel, for the most part, waited for a new contract. San Francisco’s new starting QB will fully attack different field level than Jimmy Garoppolo.

Samuel is a yard giant upon capture that will be used all over the pitch, but last season was the first season where he didn’t lose a game. It also marked the first time he saw more than 81 targets. Samuel somehow ran to eight goals last season in just 59 attempts, and the 49ers’ RB room enters 2022 much healthier and much deeper. Samuel is simply not designed to see nearly the same volume as other receivers being summoned around him, making him an extremely risky fantasy choice.

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Waddle will have difficulty delivering on ADP

Matt Harmon: A classic case of “love the player and hate the ADP”, I didn’t find myself drawing much Jaylen Waddle this year. Waddle is a versatile receiver who can win on the field more often than has been called for in Miami’s 2021 offense. However, it’s hard to make the math work in Miami. I endeavor to see how you can project enough volume for Waddle and Tyrek Hill to hit his ADPs (46.7 and 24.5, respectively) in what will likely be a heavy offense tied to a quarterback we still have doubts about.

Either all the other players in this passing game must be completely irrelevant or Tua needs to take a big step forward. I’m not comfortable with either bet. I can’t see a multi-top 15 offense in Miami this year. While I like Waddle, if I’m betting on a Dolphins wide receiver to shine this year, I’ll go with a player from Hill who has already shown himself to be an elite-level talent.

Jaylen Waddle will have a hard time delivering his fantasy ADP with Tyreek Hill likely becoming the focal point of the Dolphins' attack.  (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

Jaylen Waddle will have a hard time delivering his fantasy ADP with Tyreek Hill likely becoming the focal point of the Dolphins’ attack. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

Not expecting a rebound from Thomas in New Orleans

Scott Pianowski: If the Saints are great this year, it will be a difficult time for me. But hey, I call them what I see them. I do not trust jameis winstonand I don’t want to write Michael Thomas after two lost years. Thomas’ game matched perfectly with Drew Brees, lots of quick pitches in tight windows, close to the line of scrimmage. Winston is a deeper YOLO guy. And we can’t ignore that New Orleans has added more competition to the target, crafting Chris Olave and signing Jarvis Landry. Once the cheese has gone bad on a player, don’t bet it will get good again. Don’t be seduced by Thomas’ glory days.

I will also be signing Del Don’s version for Samuel; Deebo is my favorite player that I will hardly choose, and it’s depressing to think about. But we’re just trying to make the best decisions we can.

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Injury skepticism remains with Godwin

Andy Behrens: There really hasn’t been anything but positive news up to this point in Chris Godwinof recovery from an ACL tear in mid-December. It seems likely that we will see him in September, perhaps opening week. Still, someone in every draft is always willing to take it as a set-and-forget WR2, which is just too rich for me. Godwin will be just nine months away from a major knee injury when the season starts, so we can’t assume he will be an all-time wide receiver, as dominant as ever. If you’re optimistic about him in 2022, I won’t fight you for his services.

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